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    At CLEANGAS we have been dealing with the production and distribution of dry ice for more than a decade. In addition to the purest raw materials, the latest production equipment and a timely delivery, the storage of dry ice during transport and at the customer is one of the basic elements for a perfect dry ice supply.

    The dry ice temperature of -78.6° C requires the best insulating properties of the storage containers in order to obtain the quality and quantity of the freshly produced dry ice as far as possible. There are further additional requirements regarding safety, hygiene, handling, processing and logistics.

    Since our customers and we were annoyed about the lack of execution and handling of the very expensive and marketed boxes, the idea was born to develop a program offering different types of boxes that meets all these requirements. With the requirement profile of a dry ice user, a unique thermobox program was created over the years - made in Germany.

    CRYOBOXXThe solution for the transport and storage of temperature-controlled goods




    The CRYOBOXX  product line sets new standards regarding


     3% for larger PE/PU boxes
    and 5%-8% sublimation for
    smaller EPP boxes per 24 hours





     Use of a gas pressure spring to secure the opened cover with an opening angle of 95° and a cover weight of only 14 kg for PE/PU design avoid frequent accidents


     Our PE boxes are equipped with a bunghole for easy cleaning and a flat-sealing bung plug for optimal removal and best hygiene. The boxes are FDA, USDA and HPB approved and therefore meet all requirements according to HACCP.



    Our medium and larger thermo containers can be lowered with lift trucks/ forklift. Optionally, the  larger boxes can be equipped with high-quality and smooth-running castors. We therefore  recommend front castors equipped with a double-stop braking device. The low weight of all boxes  ensures maximum mobility. Low box heights make it easier to remove dry ice. 



    CRYOBOXX stands for highest quality made in Germany. Absolute accuracy of fit of lid and box are
    just as natural as molded threaded holes of all fixed attachments. This makes it easy and professional to exchange closures, gas springs and even the lid. The screws are only made in V2A stainless steel, so that rusting can be avoided. To accommodate castors, 12 mm threaded holes in the feet of the 250l / 425l CRYOBOXX are standardized and sealed with a plug to prevent soiling.



    Our entire CRYOBOXX program is based on the standardized Euro pallet sizes, for more safety and more economy in storage and transport. For easy and safe stacking of boxes there are appropriate recesses for feet and bottom of identical boxes in the lid of the box.





    CLEANGAS was founded in 1991 by managing partner Thomas ten Eicken. The focus of the CLEANGAS Group is processing of carbon dioxide (LCO2). Under the umbrella of the CLEANGAS Group, individual companies with a special focus have been able to develop over the past 25 years, serving more than 6,000 permanent customers in Germany and Europe. Innovative, service-oriented, sustainable and cooperative – that’s how we have created the past and would like to shape the future with our employees, suppliers and customers.


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